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New Construction and Remodels

Electrical Remodel, Reno, NV Very few renovation and remodeling projects do not need electrical work. Before starting any construction work on your home or office, make sure to get it inspected by a licensed electrician. You need to know about any structural or mechanical issues before they become a bigger problem down the road.

While it might be tempting to cut corners when renovating or remodeling, electrical is one area where you do not want to take that chance. Many people are tempted to do the work themselves. Or even hire someone who gives a great price but is unlicensed and unfamiliar with electrical work. If you attempt to do electrical work yourself, instead of hiring a licensed electrician, you may run across obstacles that you are not familiar with and do not know how to handle. Sub-par electrical work can cause fires and is a safety hazard. If any electrical problems cause damage to property or person, the electrician can be held liable.

When you are planning your remodel or renovation, you will need help deciding where outlets and lines will be installed to make it both safe and accessible. A licensed electrician can figure out the best places to run wires and avoid common obstacles. A licensed electrician will also make sure all the electrical work meets all the codes and regulations before signing off on it.

It is important that when you are renovating or remodeling take all the proper precautions and hire professionals to do quality work. Paying a little more initially will prevent problems down the road and save you money in the long run.