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Dr Shock Electric can provide you with a turnkey solar system that fits both your budget and needs. We have been installing systems since 2005 and are NABCEP-certified in the industry. We have designed systems ranging from small solar-powered water pumping stations to large multi-family off-grid power plants. 

Residential Solar Systems

>Grid tied
Whether you have a partially shaded roof or a 10-Acred ranch with no trees we can make just about any system to save you money as electric rates rise.

Additional Benefits include;

> Protection from future electric rate hikes
> Performance monitoring using your cell phone or Internet connection
> Additional value to your home
> Reduce or eliminate your current electricity bill
> Minimal long-term maintenance 
> Clean, Dependable, and 100% safe for the environment

Using an off-grid system can incorporate multiple components. Some of these items can include batteries:

> Full depth of Discharge
> Customizable Battery banks up to 50KWH
> Uses Refillable Alkaline electrolyte
> Low Maintenance
> All off-grid voltage applications

Commercial solar energy systems allow many business owners to have the ability to lock in a long-term rate of energy thus reducing or even eliminating the ongoing rate hikes with coal-producing power companies. In addition to state and federal incentives, businesses can also benefit from the MARCS five-year depreciation schedule. Additional benefits include:

> 30% federal tax credit
> State performance-based incentives
> Non-penetrating roof mount solutions available
> Clean, reliable, 100% renewable energy
> Extremely low maintenance
> Long-term longevity, 35-45 year lifespan

>Wind Power
>An alternative to the sun
>450w to 3kw systems available
>Grid tied or off the grid.
>Works well in conjunction with off-grid systems.

Call or email us now and request a custom-designed system tailored to meet your energy needs, budget and available array structure whether it is on your roof or in your backyard.